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Still Climbing.

Trying to get back to a reasonable state of health after the terrible cold. It was, it seems, one of those sorts that is deceptive - only now, as I'm struggling to reach the level of health I had before it, do I realize how very far it took me down. It's kind of depressing, but I persevere.

The cold itself is mostly over, really. The trick I'm working on now is not letting the leftovers morph into bronchitis, to which I am prone. Left the house for the first time since it started yesterday, to see a movie (300) & have dinner with the Troll's folks. I was fine during the earlier part of the expedition, but when the weather turned cool and damp, I started coughing. I continued to do so intermittently for about 2 hours after we got home (where I keep the air nice & dry), despite cough suppressant meds. Today I am only coughing occasionally, and am tired, but feel like I'm still improved over yesterday/ continuing to improve.

I'll be really, really glad to just be DONE with this. I detest being sick.
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