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I am, after more than a week, beginning to feel like something approximating human. My nose, while still dripping randomly, is beginning to clear. Sneezing and fever are actually kept under control by the cold meds (most of the week, despite the tylenol in the meds, I was running at around 100 degrees). I able to smell again, a very little. My throat, while still retaining a certain raspy quality (which, to be frank, I'd be more than pleased for it to retain permanently, though it never does) no longer hurts. The coughing which can, if left unmedicated, keep me awake all night, isn't allowed to do so.

I am exhausted, but not in any of the ways that have been so familiar, this past week.


Life continues. I recently purchased a couple of bluetooth dongles; one of which has allowed me to save info from my broken phone. Hurray! All the phone number stored there are now, once again, available to me. Plus, all the pictures I'd taken! Today I purchased a slightly used one (phone) via ebay, for $100. It astounds me that the model I picked six or more months ago, when I switched over our cellular services, is so popular. I mean, I knew I was getting a decent deal at the time - two Nokia 6103 phones with all chargers, etc, and two matching bluetooth headsets, all free - but I didn't know it would cost so much to replace one, all this time later. Especially as quickly as the cell phone market seems normally to move.

I also purchased a proprietary data cable for the things, because there are apparently some back-up functions that the bluetooth isn't able to perform. I am waiting for word from the seller on that, though, since they have a stupid additional check-out system that doesn't want to work for me. Let me be on record as saying that I detest ebay sellers that require checkout through a specialized system while taking payment via paypal. It irks me beyond WORDS to have that stupid specialized system not work. Just how many stupid hoops to you want me to GO through, in order to give you money, you morons? And now I have to wait? Argh. Idiots.

I have watched, during my illness, the entirety of season 1 Xena (and part of season 1 Highlander). Though I've been barely able to look at my computer screen, a television screen seems just fine, if you will riddle that one out. *shrugs* Also, reading hasn't been attractive, but word search puzzles have been. The human body/psyche is a bizarre and wonderful thing.

Some links to stuff I've noticed over the past few days, but haven't had the patience/endurance to post:

Adorable otters (via evinumen)
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and a news article about a cow that craves chickens for dinner.

Happy Festival of Ishtar, all!
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