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Bullet-point update:

  • It's a beautiful day! Happy Spring!

  • I am several days behind on reading my flist. Poke me with a comment or email if there's something special you want me to know - 'cause there's no way I'm catching up on this one.

  • I am several weeks behind on updating my journal. I hope to catch up eventually. Among other things, I need to post about:

  • my birthday (1/31)

  • my trip to Texas (2/27-3/7)

  • my trip to NY (3/16-3/18)

  • Pan's Labyrinth (sometime around my b'day)

  • Ghost Rider (both before & during Texas)

  • Battlestar Galactica Season 2 (post Texas, pre NY)

  • I have a minor cold or something. Just enough to make me miserable feverish, stuffed up and whiny. Also exceedingly crabby. This isn't helping me get caught up on anything.

  • Peep Haiku! It's finally been moved over to peephaiku.com (which I've owned for over a year, and am only now getting around to using; yes, I'm a grand procrastinator!). We've (the Troll and I) been working on updating and improving it, and it may actually be receiving a radio mention on this show!

  • My vinofemmemusica domain has been heavily spoofed for the past several weeks. The bouncing spam seems to be slowing now though; I can only hope that the spammers have moved on.

  • My phone is broken. It got dropped in the snow & run over. The hearing piece/screen is completely dead. I can use it with my bluetooth thingy though, provided I dial manually or speed dial the number. Cruising ebay for a replacement.

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