a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

The Weekend in Brief

Friday night was, for whatever reasons, a late night for us. I awoke late on Saturday to find that I was having an attack of bronchitis.

Saturday night was the big 40th wedding anniversary party for the Troll's folks. The Troll and I were late getting there (bronchitis, traffic, hotel check-in, getting ready, general awful procrasinatiness). It was great fun, however the Troll, I, and the guests of honor left early. Trolldad is diabetic, and from the excitement/unaccustomed exercise/etc of the party, had a severe blood sugar drop and passed out briefly. He left in an ambulance, the rest of us followed in the car, leaving Trollsis (and an assortment of other relatives) to keep the party going. He is okay, but they wanted to keep him for observation of his heart through sometime today, and then sometime today decided that there may be an issue with his vagus nerve.

The Troll and I left the ER at around 2am, leaving Trollmom & Trollsis keeping Trolldad company until he was assigned a regular room for observation.

Which didn't happen until this afternoon. Hospitals suck.

Troll and I went & got some food at a diner before heading back to the hotel. While we were waiting for food, a random drunk woman accosted me and whispered "cotton candy, cotton candy" and made slurping noises at me (I was wearing pink hair, which I suppose makes the comment appropriate, but still disconcerting, particularly with the slurping).

Sometime after 3am, laying in the hotel bed, I suddenly remembered that neither of us had turned off the large pot of water we keep on the stove for humidity in the winter. We both slept restlessly until 11am, when we bolted from the hotel room and headed home, hoping it would not be a smoking ruin.

It wasn't. All is good, the pot didn't even go dry. The house smells good (cloves & orange oil in the water, plus an oil diffuser that I have in the bedroom). Kitties are fine, though clearly glad to see us. We spent the day in bed, watching TV & DVDs and keeping up-to-date on the Trolldad's hospital tribulations.

Going to bed soon. Very tired. More details, hopefully, later.
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