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Blade II

So, I finally got around to seeing Blade II last night...I'm SO behind on movies!

Things of note:

-the special effects for the vampire-deaths was much improved, and beautiful to watch.
-CGI is still very noticable in movies. Sometimes in a good way. Other times...not so much.
-I'm really tired of the "person suspended in a tank" gimmick. I've seen it in so many things now (X-files, Angel, Dark Angel, X-men Evolution...and gregortroll tells me it was used in Empire Strikes back as well). I'm bored with it. It can't possibly be the most efficient way of suspending someone, only the most flashy & easy to break.
-I was so happy to see the classic beauty of extra-speedy Bruce Lee-type fight scenes instead of the John Woo-inspired graceful slow-mo arcs popularized by the Matrix.
-Lame, cluttered plot. Or possibly poor editing, making it all disjointed. Feh.
-I should start a new career...creating movie soundtracks. Some folks clearly don't have a clue about it.

An entertaining time, as it had lots of action, and plenty of eye-candy...but not as good as the first one, and not as good as it could have been.
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