a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

What a week!

It's been an odd week. Troll and I lazed about all day Monday. Good day, if a bit depressing in the Getting Stuff Done department, which is forever in the red at our house. Watched either Bubba HoTep or Monster House (the other of which we watched Sunday). Bubba HoTep is certainly an odd little film...amusingly, IMDB says that Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires is coming up. It'll either be wonderful or awful, I expect...and possibly both concurrently.

Tuesday I had a migraine. But I also got some bookmooch books, and we watched Animatrix. An even break. I really enjoyed Animatrix on a number of levels...one of which is the fact that it's visually STUNNING. Wow.

Wednesday I had a migraine hangover. I also made it to the post office, though, and the Troll and I went to the wine store to pick out white wines to sample. We've been asked to suggest wines for the Troll's parents 40th wedding anniversary bash, ya see...and we knew for the red that we wanted Yellowtail Cabernet/Shiraz blend. After picking out a small sampling of equally modestly-priced whites, we went out for indian food. Yum.

Despite the migraine hangover, this really counts as an decent day.

Thursday the Troll stayed home from work and we once again lazed around the house all day. Mail call was my secondary Firefly-ish boots and some GORGEOUS jewelry that the Troll ordered for me from grifyn's Bead Noir. If you're into jewelry, and you like handmade beaded stuff, go check this stuff out. Not only is the jewelry amazing, the descriptions are ridiculously amusing to read. I got this set, and necklace that isn't on pictured called Absinthe of Malice. It's love, I tell ya. We previously bought this set for the Troll's aunt; she adores it. Grifyn is in the process of restocking the shop currently, so checking back every few days is key.

Not long before bedtime, we realized we hadn't yet tried the wines, so after watching the L-word dvd* we had, we set up an impromptu tasting and picked one (Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc).

Friday...ah. I spent a large portion of the day simply websurfing. I also played Chuzzle, the evil game my evil mother introduced us to when we were visiting her in October - and I'm certain that she is cackling wickedly as she reads this. I also got the dvd from the history channel that I'd ordered, and we watched that and a Queer as Folk dvd.

Must. Sleep. Now.

*And I really want to know who on the planet came up with the phrase "panty-hamster" as a euphemism for vagina. The Troll and I must have laughed for 10 minutes over that one.
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