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Books breeding more books

I swear that lately it seems that every book I read spawns the desire to read at least one other book (and often several), usually referenced in the current read. I recently finished Women at War (which I quite enjoyed, and wish another volume to be produced), and because it is a book of short stories, have now found several authors that I'd like to check out. I've been reading off & on a book titled A Treasury of Railroad Folklore, and this morning have added a book called A History of the Great Minnesota Forest Fires to my list of Things to Read because of it. The Lovecraft I read a few months ago spawned a few, as did Enduring Grace - Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics. Meanwhile, I really should be tracking down history and folklore about the sea and the time period between 1580-1650*, since that's actually related to my current writing project.

I'm beginning to suspect that if I could read everything of interest to me, I'd be reading every second for the rest of my life and still not get the job done.

*And if any of you could recommend sources of info on those topics, I'd be deeply grateful.
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