a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

'nother Update

I suddenly have a temp gig for the next week or two. It appeared as a surprise, from a completely unexpected source. It'll make a nice booster in our holiday funds. It pays nicely, it's easy work, and today (my first real day working) I'm working from home. This is because I am waiting for the gas company to come & fix our heater. Also becaue the temp gig is such that working from home is reasonable (and so are the folks running the gig). And finally because the time window the gas co gave me was...get this...8am-5:30pm. Some window. Sheesh. Still, it's nice to know that I'm making some money while waiting.

I really hope they'll be able to fix it today, as opposed to just looking at it and having to order parts or somesuch - it's supposed to get down to freezing tomorrow night. And while I'm quite happy to putter around the apartment in the 60-65 degree range (in fact, it's really unusual to see our thermostat set any higher than that), and it usually stays pretty warm up here anyway (our apartment is on the top floor), I've found that I get whiny and remarkably difficult to get out of bed if it gets below 58.

While I'm working from home and waiting for the repairfolk, I'm also ripping CDs in pursuit of my mix CD exchange project*. Which, as per my usual, is slow in being completed (mostly because there's a lot I want to include that hasn't been ripped yet). Things have suddenly got very busy for me this month. The temp gig, the giftwrapping, the CD mix, jury duty on the 21st, Secret Slasha due the same day, various holiday parties and then NYC to dogsit. It's a veritable whirlwind in my usually staid life. Plus, as I mentioned in a previous update, I'm feeling writey, and am actively working on at least one story. Instead of feeling overwhelming, though, it all feels just right.

*which I first mentioned back here, in a friends-locked post. If you'd like to exchange music with me, please respond there.
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