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I LOOOOOVE getting packages (even little ones, 'cause they often mean BPAL). I know I have at least one package waiting for me in our mailbox. The twist?

Yesterday when delivering our mail, the person doing so jammed it so hard into the box that we cannot, now, open it. The key won't turn. I've just returned from taping a note to the mailbox asking said person to ring the doorbell when they get here. Here's hoping I haven't already missed them (unlikely but possible; sometimes we don't get our mail until after 5pm).

*despises our post office*

ETA: I must've left the note just in time! Our deliverer rang the bell, and I got my packages!!! 2 books (Paradise Lost & The Great God Pan - both things I decided to read because of the Lovecraft annotations. Guess they're not entirely useless after all), and some BPAL from a recent swap! YAY!
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