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I had originally planned to go see Fearless with the Troll this evening; tonight is the last night it's playing anywhere nearby and I would've loved to have seen it on a big screen. However, I'm still feeling kinda sinusy and tired, and I'm trying to eat healthier (which means more cooking), and the Troll isn't feeling great either...so I'll have to just see it little when it comes out on DVD.

Dinner tonight is a sort of kabobless kabob (since I can't be bothered to stick everything through with skewers) with a peanut sauce and steamed brocolli. Yum! Though I may well ruin my good dinner by having ice cream for dessert. C'est la vie!

I just ordered a case of 123 Gluten Free's chewy chipless cookie mix. This stuff is, hands down, the best cookie mix (and best cookie, when done) I have EVER tasted. Our co-op carried it for awhile, during which time I got hooked, then mysteriously stopped getting it, despite several requests from us. Heaven help me with a case of cookie mix in the house. Forget marathons. This will be a true test of my self-discipline. Especially now that I have black walnuts to put in them. ::drools::

After dinner, I think the Troll and I will be playing Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker for awhile. We picked up a copy of it used on our recent travels, and have both been enjoying.
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