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I woke today...

[bits of this thoughtflow are taken from a conversation with my friend Karen. Having deleted her bits, since I've no idea if she wants to be broadcast, it's a bit choppy in spots. Please bear with it]

...having a veritable fit of altruism, looking for a way to use it. I had an "adopt a firehouse" idea...firefighters don't make a whole lot of $$, and awareness of them is high right now. some departments are still strictly volunteer(not here, i think, but nationwide).

I think it'd be cool to get neighborhoods involved in gifting firehouses. I think that the average firefighter doesn't make much $$. They have good benefits, but you know...most of the actual money goes to the hierarchy. Perhaps I'm misguided on this...does anyone out there know?

I don't want to create my own organization, there are plenty of those out there, and I haven't got that much time to commit. But, I was thinking of providing content for a website and/or fliers (getting the website hosting donated and the printing as well, if that's possible)...and perhaps letters to corporations soliciting gifty stuff (like food for the firefighters...I often see a group of them in grocery stores, buying stuff for a big meal together)...mostly a "get people involved with their local lifesavers" kinda thing.

Anyone have any ideas for directions for me to start in? Know anyone who wants to host a site? I'll contribute content and a domain name (don't have one yet, but if this comes to fruition I'm happy to pay for one, I mean). Know any firefighters that I could get more info from?
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