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Quincey Morris, Carpathian Mountains & Schwarzer Mond

Okay, so I still haven't unpacked, downloaded pictures from the trip, or really, much of anything else since I got back...but I had a BPAL order waiting, and I just couldn't resist trying them out the last few days.

Quincey Morris - Rough on the edges, but possessing the true essence of valor and nobility of spirit: tobacco, vanilla, white pear, cedar, rugged musk and saddle leather. - Mmmmmmmm...in the bottle, I smell tobacco & cedar, but on application, mostly I smell the leather, though it strikes me more as an old, well-worn, brown leather coat than a saddle. I get hints of the cedar and something the tiniest bit sweet - probably the vanilla or the pear. This is the scent that I'll wear whenever I'm wearing my Mal-ish brown coat. ETA: This lasts a magnificently long time on my skin.

Carpathian Mountains - Mountain air and the scent of crisp snow blanketing the mountain’s flora: Scottish fir, beech, cembra and mugho pine, rhododendron, currant, honeysuckle, raspberry leaf, dwarf juniper, sedge, meadow grass, snowdrop, rose bay, lily of the valley, starwort, lichen and mosses. - I have trouble even describing this one - but I LOVE it. Mostly cold stone and moss, I think. I get the faintest hint of the woods, in the way that you smell the woods when you're in them - kind of faint, and nothing really distinct. Underlying loam. My one complaint with this scent is that it's so faint. It doesn't last as long as I want it, and I can't seem to breathe enough of it in. It gives me a very peaceful feeling.

Schwarzer Mond - The keeper of secrets: opoponax, Tunisian black amber, night musk, antique patchouli, zdravetz, terebinth, myrrh, and Pimenta racemosa. - With that ingredient list, I was sure that I'd be in love with this scent, but alas, I am not. It's pleasant enough - in a generic musky sort of way, but I'll swap or sell it rather than keep it. Sadly, it just didn't move me.

I've still got Pumpkin Queen & Dr. Seward to try, plus lots of nifty frimps. Yay!
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