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Minor Trauma

So, immediately adjacent to the building where I worked last year's summer temp gig (the company moved to our current location in December), there were 3-4 explosions and an underground transformer fire today. Of course, none of the news articles actually say the word "explosion" (and they're really rather clever about it), but one of my co-workers was in the area at the time. He says that he was nowhere near any of the manhole covers that purportedly blew off, but heard a boom and felt the sidewalk shake. Of course, I suppose that could still happen even with a not-an-explosion; what do I know?

If our company was still there, we would have been evacuated, and probably wouldn't have work tomorrow (estimates vary about when the power will come back in the area).

I was kinda freaked for a bit, because the new building is only 10 blocks away, and because of the awful, inevitable comparisons with 9/11, and the whole 9/11 topic being brought back up, AGAIN, for the second time in as many weeks, and it wearies me. Also, it's a topic I've never been able to come to a completely stable place about - I still can't even speak more than a sentence or two about 9/11 without breaking into tears and gulping.

A couple of margaritas and a lovely gluten-free meal at Outback, however, have seriously moderated the stress.

I think the temp gig has about a week left, after tomorrow. I'm both looking forward to its end, and pre-emptively missing the routine.

Not-an-explosion links:


And now for something completely different, that I can hardly wait to see:


Honestly, with Jet Li & Michele Yeoh, I don't see how it could go wrong.
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