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Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress

I forget where, now, but I recently ran across something that caused me to think that I might like the 'Beggars' trilogy by Nancy Kress...so I went to Half.com & ordered the three of them. Got them late last week...have finished the first and started the second.

Beggars in Spain, the first book, is a beautiful, painful exploration of prejudice, the belief in rule of law and medical/biological ethics. It is also an exploration of an uncommon concept: economic ethics...as well as simply being the story of a woman carefully designed to superiority and her efforts to live productively in a world that hates & fears her.

The story is poignant, yet remarkably uncluttered. It shows us a very believable picture of what the future could look like, under certain circumstances, and it questions scientific advancement without ethics. Well worth the read.

I don't know why I never ran across Nancy Kress before; she's an excellent writer, and an excellent thinker, and a compelling story-teller. Based on what I've read so far, I highly recommend her work.
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