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those miscellaneous life events

so, what's happened with me this week? i've been kinda sick, on antibiotics. i hate that. the trains are all weird to my house after hours, which is when i go home, so that's been an adventure.

i found the remote that i thought i'd lost over the weekend (i'm SO relieved, really). i've had corned beef, baked spaghetti & ice cream every night for dinner this week. work has been absolutely insane...people must be catching up to their insanity after the holiday relaxation.

i missed seeing my friend alvin while he was in town, which bummed me out..but is probably just as well given my nutty schedule last week. maybe soon i will actually get off my butt & fill out & send my passport application in...and maybe go visit! i've already downloaded & printed it out...and have been carrying it around in my backpack for a couple of weeks now. procrastination is NOT your friend, raaven!

meanwhile i'm re-reading chariots of the gods, which is fascinating food for thought whether you believe it or not. it's giving me a whole new vein of ancient history to pursue, which all feeds into my ultimate goal of a series of fiction books. if only i could sit in one place & WRITE for a few hours...several times a week.

which i might actually be able to do soon. i spoke with a loan officer on tuesday? maybe monday...anyway, he took my prequalifying information over the phone & is mailing me a packet of mortgage info based on my answers. maybe i can have my own place, my own computer and plenty of free time sometime soon! what an amazing concept! i wonder what the chances are (and if i really want to) for transferring within my current company to philadelphia...if i do that, i may not have to take a pay cut of any kind. on the other hand, if i motivate & take some more certification tests, maybe i can just apply for higher ranking jobs in pennsylvania, and end up with comparable (or more) salary as now. again, we'll see. that whole procrastination thing just pops up everywhere, dammit!

speaking of procrastinating, it's waaaaaay past time for me to head home...if i can just tear myself away....
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