a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

An inauspicious beginning

Well, I had a pleasant, short trip here last night, and arrived without mishap (though the Trenton train station was, as always repulsive and vile). I made the mistake, however, of choosing a place to eat that has outdoor seating, and while they had A/C inside, had left the door open, so it really wasn't very useful. By the end of the meal I was feeling migrainy, and shortly after we got back to the apartment it hit hard, despite the meds I had taken. A very painful and restless few hours followed, until finally, despite anti-nausea stuff, I lost what was left of the lovely dinner I had eaten. Ugh.

I'm not in pain this morning, but I'm incredibly exhausted. I saw my pals out the door to their vacation, but expect to go back to bed shortly.

Fortunately, I had already determined that I was going to be spending the vast bulk of my time indoors this trip, and not really venturing out. Last night's experience has cemented that - though it's possible I'll get up early one morning and head out on the Circle Line tour, which, while I've been on it many times, I never get tired of. :)

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