a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Minor Meltdown

So there I was, happily comparing phone plan prices, and otherwise getting on with my day. Until I tried to actually take action. See, we have seperate Sprint accounts, the Troll and I, that pre-date our living in the same city. Number portability requires that the name on the new account match the name on the old account. Apparently, cell phone plans have not learned about joint accounts yet. So I go to sign up, in Troll's name, since he has kind of a cool number and mine is unremarkable. As well as a credit card (which of course I have), it requires some other form of identification. Like a driver's license or passport number. So I call the Troll.

Who can't find his driver's license.
Who tells me a couple of (unsuccessful) places around the house to look for it.
Who then tells me where his passport is (it isn't).
Who tells me a couple of other places to look (where it also isn't).

Now, the Troll losing things really isn't unusual. I think he's probably replaced his driver's license 4 or 5 times since I've known him. At least one of those has been found after the fact. But this, combined with my impending temp assignment (which gives me minor stress, being a change in routine), combined with the general chaos and subsequent non-user-friendliness of the apartment, plus sudden and extreme hunger caused me to have something of a meltdown.

I cooked some pasta, dished it up and turned on the X-files. Got almost nothing done, though I *did* have some seam-rippery fun taking the buttons off of one of his shirts (that has shrunk and is too small for him and was in the plans for the day; I don't have those *other* kinds of meltdowns).

*sigh* So most of my today's project list gets shifted to tomorrow. Ack.
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