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X-Files: Jump the Shark (9x15)

Only 4 episodes and 28 days until the end of the X-files.
We're definitely wrapping up some ends and long-standing story lines. If you have not seen this episode and you plan to, you probably don't want to read these spoilers. Seriously.

In this episode we see the return of Eve Harlow, Morris Fletcher, Jimmy Bond and the Lone Gunmen. Fletcher is a despicable slimeball con-man to the end, and once more he gets away with it. Eve is her usual devastating self, but we learn a bit more about her history and supposed motivation. Jimmy, as always, bumbles his good-hearted way to a successful mission or two. Reyes and Doggett are the link that brings them all together (well, actually, Fletcher is, but he uses the X-agents to make it happen).

The Lone Gunmen are dead. They died heroes, and they died wrapped up in a major (if unexplained) conspiracy...but they will live on in the hearts of X-philes everywhere.

Okay, so the title is hilarious. Overall, though, I didn't actually like this episode--it seems like filler combined with the need for character closure. It could have been done better. Much better.

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