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Update - for real this time

I haven't been making any real detailed updates here about my life - no real reason, just haven't been in the mood. Summers are always a little more sparse for me...and this one is no exception.

I'll try to recount the highlights of the past several weeks here.

Long Past (or so it seems):
Shortly before we left for Missouri, we found a home for the lostboy we had been keeping in our backroom. The Troll's parents, who live in Bucks County, PA, said that pending vet check, they'd take him. This happened the same day, incidentally, that we had made plans to go visit anais2, in the hope that she'd have a non-shelter option for him. We went down to York, PA for the visit anyway, and had a blast. Met great folks, had great food. My kinda day.

We couldn't get the vet check until after our return from MO, but we got our neighbors to take care of him, as well as the rest of the cats while we were gone, so all was cool. Which reminds me, I don't think I've mentioned that we finally got both other spots in the building filled in, and with terrific folks. I only wish our whole neighborhood were as cool as our building. Meanwhile, I continue my guerrilla gardening - the peppermint I planted is quickly taking off in the common areas around the front of the house. Hopefully it will soon take over and make this little corner of the city smell better (Philly smells VILE in the summer...far worse than New York).

Anyway, we had a fabulous time in Missouri, hanging out with my mom. We went to lots of yard sales, watched a few movies (The Truth About Cats and Dogs, The Matchmaker and The Order - all scored for $2 each at a yard sale), and ate fabulously. I set aside one day that I dubbed "The Day of Pain"- the menu plan was Mom's buttermilk biscuits & sausage gravy for breakfast, a corn dog from Sonic and chicken planks from Long John Silver's for lunch, and Pappi's pizza for dinner. All former favorite foods, all things that I've been forced to forego since the diagnosis of celiac (and two of them unavailable anywhere but MO).

Mom's breakfast was amazing. Delicious. Fantastic. Beyond words. The pain was as expected, and started even before I'd finished. I curled up on the floor while Mom & Troll puttered about doing other things. I had some chemical help; generic OTC acid reducers (of the ranitidine variety), and the anti-nausea meds that I have for the worst of my migraines. After a bit, the pain eased up, also as expected.

Late afternoon rolled around before any of us were even the slightest bit hungry (Mom's biscuits & gravy go a long way). So the Troll & Mom went out to pick up lots of fast food and bring it back. I stayed home, because they were going quite a distance for the pizza and the celiac can be very demanding in terms of bathroom needs. By the time they got back we were all hungry, and everything smelled wonderful. So we piled in. I had some of everything, including hush puppies, cole slaw & fries from LJS. Sat back, prepared for the oh-so-worth-it pain.


Okay, maybe a little bit of acidity - for which I took the aforementioned acid reducers.

Nothing further. Ever. That was it. I had leftover pizza the next day. No issues.

I had pizza on the airplane on the way home (daring, huh???). Nothing significant.

I remain puzzled, but will be testing out my new Pappi's-pizza-as-miracle-food theory when we go back to MO in the fall.

A couple of weeks after we got back, we got lostboy (who we renamed Lenny) to the vet. He got snipped & shot & a bill of good health. That weekend we took him out to Bucks County to get acclimated to his new home. As it happened, we also took the crazy momcat, who, despite the winter of seeming breakthroughs, has been getting crazier and crazier since the warm weather started. The Troll's sister cares for special needs critters, and had some recent vacancies, so we took her along to see if she'd make a good fit. They both settled in nicely, and now we only have FOUR cats! I can't describe the difference, and the relief. And the reduction in hair density per square inch. It's all quite marvelous.

We've recieved almost everything we shipped ourselves from MO, but one box of books that we sent via the PO appears to be missing. At this point, I doubt it'll come through, and must simply consider it lost (it was sent media mail, no confirmation or insurance - in essence, we're screwed). I hate the post office- its service is getting worse and worse.

Poo has suffered something of an attitude change in the past couple of months - this happened a week or two before we took in Lenny, so I don't think it's related - he's taken to hissing and growling randomly at the other cats. His face is always dirty. I suspect that he's ill in some way that I'm unfamiliar with, and his attitude is a matter of just feeling generally crappy. He goes to the vet the day after tomorrow. Hopefully we can figure out what's causing the problem and get him all fixed up.

Since we've been back, the Troll and I have watched a bunch of movies: Gods & Monsters, Edward Scissorhands, Secretary, The Wedding Banquet, Kung Fu Hustle and A Knight's Tale. We've also been watching season 1 of Veronica Mars (via Netflix), season 7 of Buffy and season 4 of Angel.

-I uploaded my first AC article today. I'm curious to see if/what offer comes back. Meanwhile I'm writing more. And woohoo, WRITING! Perhaps a block has been lifted. I can only hope.
-I've started watching my new X-Files dvds. I'm currently on disk 2 of season 5.
-I got my BPAL order!! I now have Centzon Totochtin, Nanshe, Dragon Moon, Freak Show, Medicine Show, Geek and Kunstkammer. Also, some awesome frimps: White Rabbit and Strangler Fig to name two. The Coiled Serpent, Titus Andronicus, Athens, Arachne, Chuparosa, Le Serpent qui Danse, La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente, Whitechapel, Seance, Dee, Nyx, Carnal, Jolly Roger and Aizen-Myoo (which will allow me to hold off purchasing a bottle of it for a bit, since I adore it). Fun, fun, fun!
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