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Packing progress (or not)

So. Today I have:

-found and eliminated a virus from my laptop (actually, the Troll did most of that, while I snoozed awhile longer with the cats)
-done some grocery-type shopping
-packaged up some of my winter clothes for storage using the nifty new gadget we got
-harassed all the cats
-made social plans for the weekend
-brought up & repacked some stuff* I brought back from Texas (in December, yes. It's been sitting in a bin in our lobby since then).
-taken pictures of the awesome crazy candlestick holder I got in Texas (clearly a task of critical timing and importance) (and yes, it *does* have tentacles)
-eaten some chocolate

I have not done any packing. Neither has the Troll.

* Mostly dishes. I sort of collect dishes. Not in the "I-know-how-many-pieces-and-the-catalog-number-and-values-each-type-has", but in the far simpler "oooh, PRETTY!" way. I have some Frankoma - particularly the rarer desert gold and prairie green colors (most of which I brought back from TX - apparently the liking for it runs in the family), and various jewel-toned depression glass (ruby, cobalt, forest green) and some carnival glass (which I have loved since I was a wee little one) and various other stuff. My latest discovery is that I like Franscican Madeira-patterned dishes (got a lovely platter in TX for $1).
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