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Sleepy and too much to do

The Troll and I leave Wednesday to see my mom in MO. Since we've been (still) working on spring cleaning/rearranging, we need to bring that to some kind of closure before we leave - which includes the heaps of clean laundry needing to be put away. For part of that, though, we're waiting for a storage solution to arrive. Which probably won't happen till after we leave. Feh.

Also, there is the packing to do. While I can pack in roughly half an hour, usually, it takes the Troll a bit longer as he is a clothes-horse. And a bit vain. I throw whatever comfy bits seem the least hassle into a bag, and don't really much care what I end up looking like. He plans outfits. Fortunately, it's a three day weekend, and he'll get out early today, so there *should* be plenty of time.

Finally, we need to find a decent shelter where the lostboy has a good shot at being adopted. He's such a sweet little snuggler. I feel bad to not have been able to do more for him (like find him an actual home).

We've been continuing our Netflix spree; last night's movie was Blast from the Past - yet another one that I had intended to see in the theaters, and never got around to. It's funny, our first few weeks of membership will have us steadily ploughing through the first season of Veronica Mars, and various Brendan Fraser movies (he's *such* great eye candy! We both spend as much time drooling over him as we do watching the actual movies)! We enjoyed Blast, it was sweet and fun, and as I said, just plain lovely to watch. In between Netflix stuff, we're watching Buffy season 7 & Angel season 4. Also, I finally got a copy of Secretary (which I've been meaning to do for awhile), so Troll will finally be able to watch it. Also got (sale!) Kung Fu Hustle and The Wedding Banquet (which I saw many years ago and remember quite fondly).

After the movie last night, we slept inexplicably poorly (possibly it was too warm when we went to bed), and I'm exhausted now. Yes, it's summer - welcome to my insomnia. My sinuses are freaking out too. I may well go back to sleep for a little bit. In fact, yeah, I'm definitely gonna do that.
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