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Do Vedrens bleed blue goo? (Andromeda: The Fair Unknown)


Rommie's Horrible Blue Hair (TM) just keeps getting worse, and Trance has gone from Lovely Lavendar to China White with Flames.

Nonetheless, I'm happier with this week's episode than I had hoped to be. We got to encounter some of the actual Andromeda mythos: a real live Vedran (who looks like a fetish carved from lapis), and the Vedrans' park planet, Ral Parthea. We got confirmation that the Vedrans cut themselves off from slipstream intentionally. We get the idea that they're doing the same thing with Ral Parthea, since the Kalderans have located it & decided to strip-mine. All good stuff.

The Nitty Gritty
What I liked:
-learning more of the mythos
-seeing a Vedran
-someone on the show that Dylan has to defer to, at least until she suicides
-Beka narrowing her eyes in annoyance at Tyr
-Trance in a rubbery looking poncho thing which is a(n)(marginal) improvement over the striped cleavage Xena wannabe outfits
-Harper's face as he watches a fairy tale come true
-the Vedran's name: Exulta! How nifty! I wonder if they all have names like that?
-Exulta telling Dylan that the Vedrans know and are proud of his efforts. He's been going all this time thinking he's all alone in a universe gone mad; it's good he gets a break.
-Harper's biblical-ness. "Let there be light", and "I am a god!" gave me a snicker
-all of the crew in the episode!!!!

What I didn't like:
-Dylan taking so long to obey an acknowledged commanding officer...especially after the awe with which he spoke of Vedran's to his crew
-random new female on the episode kissing Dylan (this always happens, with every random new female, and it gets tiresome)
-Trance's weird horn/headress thing gets uglier & uglier
-Trance's makeup. I know she's not exactly alive, per se, but does she have to look like she's dead? Or covered in plaster?

Overall, many more pros than cons. This makes me happy! Hurray!!!
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