a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Fighting the urge to pasta

Tonight's menu:

lemon-rosemary chicken breast (in the book, it's Rosemary Salmon, but since I don't eat fish...)
steamed asparagas
beautiful green salad

It's all looking and smelling wonderful. I am clenching my hands to keep from adding pasta to the meal. Having celiac and wanting to lose some weight has some downfalls, particularly using the South Beach plan (which we chose because diabetes runs in both our families, and neither of us has shown signs of it...YET...and we don't want to). In several spots, South Beach allows for foods made with whole wheat...but the most common substitute for ready-made stuff is rice...and (polished) rice has a ridiculously high amount of immediately available sugar. So I have to use those things very, very sparingly.

Actually, this makes a TON of sense, as I gained SO MUCH weight after my diagnosis. The combination of feeling deprived, trying new substitutes and the extreme readiness of rice products to turn quickly to sugar all combined to put me in a very unhappy place. I'm really glad to be on my way out of that place now.

And dinner smells more heavenly by the moment.
Tags: celiac, daily life, food/drink, health/medical
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