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In Praise of Lawlessness

The friends that I'm housesitting for have cable, whereas I do not. So I'm having fun watching stuff I don't normally get to watch.

One of those things is Xena: Warrior Princess (and how cool is it that the Oxygen channel plays her everyday!? What fun!!)

Let me begin with my very first Xena experience. I was living with my lover Telvi at the time. We were up late, after a night out dancing. We were home, flipping through channels. It was the kind of late where television gets a bit surreal. Suddenly, she stopped channel-flipping. There, on the screen, was a gorgeous, buff woman. As a warrior. And her obviously-in-love-with-her sidekick. There was sword & sorcery. There was extreme cheesiness. There were lesbian undertones clear as the proverbial bell. "WHAT IS THIS??" I shrieked in delight!

It would be several weeks before I found out. Mind you, I never got around to watching Xena regularly, but oft-times friends would have a Xena night, and I'd be there (GAYLE!)...and much later, my friend Susan & I would watch Xena while munching sesame chicken from a local place. It was a ritual, and well-suited to such. I suspect that nothing is quite as entertaining as Xena-watching with a room full of dykes and/or strong women. Joyous is a mild word for it. I've always been torn between having a crush on Xena or having a crush on Ares and wishing I was Xena. It'd be a tough choice, I tell ya (and a note of remembrance for Kevin Smith, 16 March, 1963 - 15 February, 2002. What a tragic loss to us all.).

The series ended very well. I laughed till my sided ached at the 'future' episode. The finale was appropriately serious. All in all, it was a happy goodbye.

So here I am this weekend, and I am watching (via replay tv, a cousin of my beloved tivo) an episode called "Warrior, Princess, Tramp", which has the delectable Lawless playing 3 different roles. I've never seen this before, I don't know what/if the relationship between the three is (I never saw the relevant episodes of character intro for the other ones)...but I'm giggling incessantly. What fun! What a great execution of a fabulously funny concept!

And yes, I do have a low sense of humor, much of the time.
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