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Political Action Needed!

Both the House and Senate commerce committees are promoting new rules governing the manner by which most Americans receive the Web. If these changes are approved - and they appear to be on the fast track - the Web will change before your eyes to favor the large corporations and screw the average user.

Take action here: http://cu.convio.net/tollbooth

Planned Parenthood is working to prevent and overturn abortion bans in their "Stand with the States" campaign. Their goals:

  • Organize grassroots opposition to abortion bans.
  • Hire new organizers in battleground states to identify activists and voters.
  • Hold live-action training camps for volunteer leaders.
  • Run pro-choice ads in key media markets.
  • Fight any bills that restrict access to birth control and reproductive health programs.
  • Passing prevention bills in states that already have pro-choice legislatures.
  • Helping those states give assistance to their "sister states" that need resources most.
  • In the process—this is key—we'll be building a voting bloc to elect pro-choice legislators in November.

Donate to this program before Sunday, May 14 (that's this Sunday), and your gift will be doubled, thanks to an anonymous matching donor. Donate here: https://secure.ga0.org/02/mothersday2/

Stop false advertising by fundamentalist-run FAKE WOMEN'S HEALTH CLINICS! Worse, our tax dollars are funding these horrors.

Tell your reps to support the "Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services Act" (H.R.5052), which would stop "crisis pregnancy centers" from deceiving women here: http://www.ppaction.org/campaign/fake_clinics2_hp

PLEASE, take a moment to voice your opinions to the lawmakers. PLEASE repost these, as many and as often as you can.
Tags: action, body politics, corporate evil, good works, liars/cheats/thieves, media politics, women
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