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The Game: Once tagged, you must write 6 weird things/habits about yourself, & then tag 6 more people. Those 6 people must write about 6 weird things/habits in a blog about themselves, and tag 6 more people. Tell the people they have been tagged.

I was actually tagged for this quite a few days ago, but have been having a hard time coming up with 6 things. 'cause, the stuff I do has ceased to be weird to me, and I have a hard time knowing what other folks think will be weird. Sometimes it's the most innocuous things...


1. I consider myself to be predictable.

2. While I like to eat chicken (cooked), handling it raw skeeves me out (though if it's frozen, I can deal). Similarly, while I do not eat any kind of seafood by choice, I enjoy deveining shrimp and shucking oysters. Also, I like to fish.

3. I have developed the habit, over the years, of going almost completely incommunicado when I'm depressed or feeling crappy. My phone-phobia is probably related somehow to this behavior. When I was younger, these were the times that I sought people out.

4. When I'm inebriated (and relaxed), I babble. For hours. I continue babbling far beyond the time the booze wears off.

5. Watching fictional shows on tv often makes me weep. In fact, even watching brief clips of shows (like show credit clips) can sometimes make me weep with the memory of the show itself. I'm also very susceptible to weeping (over *anything* that moves me) when I haven't been awake very long.

6. When it's raining, I give my houseplants extra water.

I'm both too lazy and curious about too many people to tag anyone for this meme, but please, feel free to tag yourselves...I'll read with fascination.
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