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So...the tax-refund splurge for this year has been completed. With it, we bought a digital camera (our first), an 8 quart stockpot (to fill the inbetween 20quart/saucepan needs), a new hand mixer (our old one recently broke), two self-scooping catboxes and the Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum (have I mentioned drowning in a sea of cat hair? No more!). Plus, thanks to my incredibly frugal shopping, we still have a little to tuck away into savings/investment. Yay!

They're all really cool, but the vacuum is AMAZING. We assembled and tried it out as soon as we got it home last night, and I don't think that the floors in this place have EVER been so clean! Still, I'm planning on vacuuming again today, just to see how much more grunge we have. This comes at a particularly fortuitous time, as my allergies have been going ballistic for about a week now. Of course, I'm allergic to far more things than the vacuum will deal with, but every little bit helps. Cool things about the vacuum:

  • incredible suction!

  • clear canister so you can SEE what is coming out of your carpet!



  • independent GEEK manufacturer!

  • quiet!

I really, really like it. My spring cleaning rage continues (albeit spottedly) unabated.

I've got some memery on hold that I'll be getting around to soon.
Tags: $$$, cool toys, health/medical, shopping
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