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Jump the Shark, revisted

I've just been enjoying some of the comments on the Jump the Shark site. It brings back some fond TV memories. And it brings up these tv questions for y'all:

1-What are your favorite shows that have been cancelled?
Roswell (the pain is still fresh)
Cleopatra 2525 (yes, I'll grant you it was hellaciously cheesy, but what could be better than Gina Torres & Victoria Pratt kicking ass??? At least I have the small consolation of Mutant X).
Highlander: The Raven (no, that's not where my name comes from. Although I never saw the original series, I've seen all the movies, and am a hopeless sucker for the Highlander mythos)

2-What shows jumped the shark that you kept watching anyway?
X-files (after the 6th season)
Andromeda (after writers/creators Robert Hewitt Wolf and Ethlie Ann Vare left, midway through this season. I keep hoping to see a recovery)

3-What shows did you start watching late in their creation, because you didn't think they'd be any good?
X-files (the pilot didn't inspire me, and the next episode I caught was one that I hate to this day...and cannot remember the name of at the moment. I'll come back to it when I get it. Let it suffice to say that I have since become a convert, and own the first 4 seasons on DVD. I look at the season episode list and drool with pleasure at the excellence of writing, acting & creating that has gone into the show. I'll shut up about it now, but thank you, Amy Kendall (and everyone else from Dance of Arabia who brought me tapes to catch me up), for showing me the light. And thank you, William Gibson, for writing an episode, causing me to watch & rethink the whole thing.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I saw the movie, I liked the movie...and I had an automatic disdain for the idea of a series I thought was targetting teeny boppers as the main audience. Boy, was I ever wrong on that one! Joss Whedon is a wonderful evil genius, the cast are all great, and the show continues to amaze me. I'm just getting caught up on the 2nd season, which is, in a word, breathtaking. Most recently saw the episode "Passion", which had me sobbing pitifully by the end. Anyone who thinks that they wouldn't like it, but have never watched it, should give it a go.

4-What are your favorite opening credits on a show(s)?
Roswell (for the first season of Roswell, I could NOT watch the opening creds without tearing up. Now, after most of two more seasons, I finally can)
Mutant X (It's simple, attractive, it tells the backstory clearly, it shows the actors well. Plus, GREAT music! This is art.)

5-Least favorite credits?
Andromeda, 2nd season (thank god I have the tivo, if I had to sit through that opening monologue each week, I would NOT watch the show. UGH!)

6- Best, most recent tv discovery?
Smallville (see more thoughts on it here)
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