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I really, really enjoy my bellydance class. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Though the instructor seems to have some focus on performance, which I have less-than-zero interest in, she is able to keep it fun and light...while still pushing us to make our movements more specific and proper. All good. I think that if I had a bellydance class several times a week, I'd be a much more relaxed person. Sadly, this instructor (who I really like) only has one class per week. It bums me out; I'd love to ramp up to 3 times a week, or even 4. So I'll keep on with the tai chi, and very likely add yoga to the mix.

I've really enjoyed the little bit of yoga I've done at home, from tv/dvd. I'm a little intimidated by the idea of an actual class. Meanwhile, we're cleaning up and rearranging our back room, and I hope to soon be able to throw a mat down there soon and start doing the at-home version again. Perhaps I'll do all of my yoga at home, and just add a second weekly tai chi class. We'll see. It's all very flexible (pun intended).

One problem area that I really need to find a solution to is my feet. In all of my recent movement classes, I've noticed that the arches and outsides of my feet are sore, as if they don't have the amount of stretch and/or strength required for the movements I'm trying to accomplish. Must find some good ways of working them up to par. Ballet stretches, maybe? Any ideas out there?
Tags: daily life, dance, health/medical, self-improvement
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