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The bad news: My post office sucks majorly. For the 4th or 5th time in the past 6 months or so, they have returned a package to the sender within a day or two of giving me a pickup notice (they're supposed to wait 10 days, unless the sender requests otherwise). Tonight, I emailed them; hopefully it will change matters for the better.

An online company I've purchased from in the past sent me an email for 40% off their items. I bought a bunch of stuff. The discount was not taken at the checkout. I've emailed them several times, but apparently their customer service is too retarded to understand that. Emails back and forth and back again have not fixed the issue. Yet. I shall continue to persevere.

The good news: Troll and I are both getting Dragon Moon t-shirts from BPAL. They're purty. Also, I just placed a huge order. I really need to sell some of the stuff I've got already to make room (and financing) for the new stuff...they may end up going through eBay rather than the community boards. This huge order includes 10ml bottles of Centzon Totochtin and Nanshe. Yay! My first big bottles! Also, includes the lunar scent Dragon Moon ("In Imperial China, the Dragon was the symbol of the Emperor’s power, and to this day, the concept and the image of the Dragon is considered sacrosanct. The Dragon is a symbol of power, the Lord of weather and water. The Dragon Moon celebrates the glory and vigor of Springtime: dragon’s blood resin, tea leaf, bamboo reed, sandalwood and cherry blossom"). It's funny, I don't especially like the smell of dragon's blood, and yet I am CONVINCED that I will like it in this lunar blend. Marketing and self-delusion at their greatest.

I bought a bunch of unfinished wood boxes a couple of weeks ago (ON SALE!) to decorate and store the fabulous BPAL in. Once I actually finish one, I'll be even more happy.

I'm bidding on a digital camera on eBay. It's not my ideal, but if I can get it at a decent price, I will be deeply happy with it. Hopefully, the fact that I'm sniping it will keep the price from getting too out of hand. I use Auction Sniper (referral link below) to bid automagically, and have always been very happy with them, if anyone's interested. You won't, of course, win every bid, but it's likely you'll win more of them than you would by doing it manually, and you may keep the crazy bidding wars from happening.

I put a bunch of stuff up on half.com & eBay today, and I expect to be doing more tomorrow. This is a MAJOR accomplishment for me. Go me!

I continue to scheme on ways that I can get the Dyson Animal vacuum. I had planned on using our tax returns for investment, but I may end up diverting it to that. Because daily, I drown in a sea of cat hair.

In other, non-consumer news: I totally need a remedial fitness class (which, I suppose, actually is consumerish, but not in the way I normally think of). Because not only am I way out of shape, but our instructor is constantly doing complicated steps and changing rapidly from one move to another, and I'm just not that coordinated. Every class I make it through without falling on my face, I am grateful for. I don't think I'll be taking this class next session, though I'll likely be continuing belly dance & tai chi. We'll see. Tonight's class left me feeling especially clumsy; I may feel differently next week.

Also, I've been making icons like mad. Someday soon, I'll post a bunch of them for everyone to check out/use. If, that is, they appeal to anyone but me. ;)

I've made plans (very vaguely) to take Troll & go exploring nearby cities, notably Camden and Wilmington. Seems like a pleasant spring weekend activity, now that we've got the car. Oooh, and in other travel stuff, it looks like I'll be heading to NYC in July to do some house-and-dog-sitting for jincman! It's always fun, Jadie & I adore each other.

Oh, and I should note, for posterity if nothing else: last Monday after our workout class, Troll and I hit our favorite Indian buffet. I decided to break from the gluten-free diet (which I do, and intend to do, a couple of times a year) and had some naan. Oh.Holy.Shit. I won't be doing that again any time soon, I was utterly miserable afterwards. Ugh. While I enjoyed the eating a LOT, the elimination afterwards was not to be countenanced. And I will leave that at that.

Must. Sleep. Now.
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