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X-Files: Scary Monsters (9X12)

For anyone who has held onto the X-files, as I have, through all of the ugliness...it looks like the last few eps will be a treat. Worthy, in fact, of the best of the X-files. No, Mulder isn't back (at least not until the final ep), but the tongue in cheek, seek & find in-jokes and interesting story lines seem to be.

This is, mind you, from the perspective of only having seen this one episode out of the last month's worth...AND I've had a glass of wine. But I really enjoyed it (both the episode and the wine, come to think of it).

There are lots of snickering references to earlier eps, both with and without the new agents. There's a little kid, who at one point holds up a drawing and says "I made this", in precisely the tone of the show's closing credits. And there is, at the end, a lovely little jab at the imagination stifling effects of TV. A simple, but beautifully done episode. I can only hope the final five(and the 4 most recently passed that I've yet to watch) are as good. It will help to wash the taste of 2 mediocre seasons out of my mind, and leave me with fresh good memories of the show.

This weekend's episode is titled: Jump the Shark

The title alone is worth a snicker (for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, check here), and the episode brings back the Lone Gunmen for a final performance.
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