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Belated Weekend Update

Troll and I woke up early Saturday morning with grand plans of stuff to do, including going to the post office and a workout class. What really happened is that we woke up, had our own, informal workout, and fell back asleep. We woke up again with just enough time to scarf down some soup and get to the PO before they closed. Then we took out three big bags of laundry to the 'mat and dropped 'em off. Then we decided that we needed to make a wine-stocking run, as we'd run out of whites. So off we went.

The weather, especially when combined with the highway, was pretty dismal, but we made it there, and came out with 36 bottles of wine (12 of it in case format), some apple brandy (which I'm LOVING), and an assortment of needed mixers.

We had lunch in a lovely little dinerish place near the store, then decided that we needed to find a craft store. Troll is going to participate in the Philly Zombie Crawl (I'm contributing my BPAL imp of Graveyard Dirt, so that he'll smell right), and needed some costume elements, and I almost never turn down a craft store. We found a rather large Michael's. Troll found the stuff he needed right off, and we spent some lovely time perusing the other goodies. I got some little bitty straw brooms (ON SALE!), and the next time I have a midwinter tree, it'll be decorated in them. I'm very happy. Also bought a bunch of unfinished wood boxes (ON SALE) for possible BPAL storage. I'll be trying several designs, techniques, etc on them, and will probably end up selling what I don't use myself. Each of us made important observations while we were there: Troll's was that all craft stores must exude some sort of chemical trigger that makes people think that they'll work on and/or finish craft projects once the materials are home; mine was that there's a part of me that REALLY wants to design & build crazy hats with flowers, bugs, birds, etc on them. Fortunately, we were both able to restrain ourselves.

Why is it that some people think that retail folks exist to be harassed? While I was looking at a ribbon sale, some obnoxious woman came over & started haranguing one of the workers about the sale. Big signs said "Stripes, Dots & Checks ribbon $___ each". Below one sign and behind another, there were boxes labeled Stripes, Dots & Checks, containing ribbon rolls labeled Stripes, Dots & Checks. Far below, on the bottom two shelves, were other brands of ribbon. In their own clearly labeled boxes, with clearly labeled...uh... labels on them. The idiot woman picked up a roll of ribbon with polka dots on it from one of these lower boxes, angrily brandished it at the Michael's woman, and said "How is that NOT a dot???" The Michael's woman tried to explain it to her, but she (the complaining woman) just kept pointing at the polkadotted ribbon and saying, "but this IS a dot!" Since I was in between the two of them (they had come up on either side of me while I was looking), I decided to translate for the obviously confused woman. I said "It's a brand name". Blank, angry look. I point at the sign, point at the matching words on the boxes. "Stripes, Dots & Checks is a brand name. Those down there", I pointed at the Otherbrand boxes "are a DIFFERENT brand name. See? The name on the boxes doesn't match the name on the sign".

The look she gave me was pretty funny, and it suddenly clicked for me that she hadn't actually been confused about the difference, she had just been trying to get away with getting the Otherbrand ribbon on sale. She gives me a snotty look (a sneer, even). "Do you work here too?" I said, "No, I'm just able to read". She glared at me some more. "Well, I'm a lawyer, and that's classic bait & switch" (it's really not, btw). "That's bait & switch, and you could be sued for that!" she said to the Michael's woman.

I snorted, while wondering how she could possibly have managed to get a law degree and/or pass the bar with such poor reading comprehension skills.

"I'm a LAWYER, and I've STUDIED these things!" said she. I just looked at her, skeptically. "A new lawyer?" I thought to myself..."a really BAD one? Nah, I think she's lying." She turned back to the Michael's woman. "What's your name?" Woman gives her name, and position, etc. "I've studied law, I'm a lawyer, and you could get into BIG TROUBLE for this" supposed-lawyer-woman reiterated. "What's your name?" she asked the Michael's woman again (clearly an attempt to bully and intimidate, as she obviously wasn't going to remember it, and didn't bother to write it down). Who told her again. "Well, I'll be calling the upper management about this" she threatened as she huffed off.

The whole thing irritated me considerably. Troll and I finished browsing, made our purchases, popped in to browse World Market, went home, had dinner. Had some lovely apple brandy. Still irritated. So I called Michaels, and asked to speak to the manager/sales woman (whose name was *easy* for *me* to remember). I told her that if that claiming-to-be-a-lawyer woman caused her any difficulty, either with her upper management or in any kind of lawsuit, that I'd be happy to attest to the very clear signage, her politeness in trying to explain it to LW, and LW's attempts to lie and bully. I gave her my name & number and she thanked me. A lot. I felt much better afterward, that the doing-her-job-woman wouldn't be getting in any kind of trouble for this idiot's crappy, deceptive, bullying behavior.

People are asshats. If you can stop an asshat from getting their way (especially an asshat BULLY), or offer support to whoever they're being most ass-hattish to, please do it, even if it feels awkward. It makes the world a tiny bit better.

We ended up being awake fairly late that night (don't remember why), and I had a migraine when we woke on Sunday, so Troll went off to Tai Chi class by himself. Once he got home, we spent the rest of the day puttering about...he experiementing with his zombie costuming ideas, me trying some paint/stain things on one of the BPAL-boxes-to-be. It was lovely. A good weekend, overall.
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