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80's music alternative energy amusement park history anarchy ancient goddesses ancient gods ancient history angel architecture bats battlestar galactica belief systems beliefs bellydance bill of rights blessesd elua bpal buffy celiac celtic history chaos theory chariots of the gods coelacanth comic book movies coney island cooking cornish history critters crochet cthulu dinner parties dykes eruptions experiments extreme weather fantasy firefly forensics gardening geese goats goddess goddesses gods godzilla healing herbs history hollywood stock exchange horses hothead paisan immortality jet li language lava legends lesbian lizards luna park magic maine coon cats majick mars colonization mars direct mars society migraine miles vorkosigan minions music mythology myths nanotech natural disaster natural healing neurology nikola tesla old new york organic gardening pbs plate tectonics primal public television quantum theory queer quilting reading red mars rocks rtmark samuel delany samurai jack sci-fi science science fiction serenity sf softball dykes sound sound healing sound therapy space space colonization space exploration stargate sg-1 string theory subway history surface tesla coils the future the state of washington thomas dolby threshold tornados tucson us constitution volcano volcanos vulcanism wearable computing wicca witch witchblade witchcraft women women's history writing x-files

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