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Working Out!

I had a lovely class tonight, the instructor is great! I think I'll really enjoy the session. It's amazing how stiff and sore I am from last night, though. I believe that tonight's class would not normally be too hard on me, but there were a variety of things that I could only half-do, because of the aches. Ah well.

I've been poking around the gym's class schedules, and think I've decided on a Wednesday & Saturday yoga class. So I'll start off the week on Sunday morning with Tai Chi, then the Monday Evening Workout, Belly Dancing on Tuesdays, Yoga on Wednesdays, NOTHING on Thursdays, Beginner's Spanish on Fridays, and Yoga on Saturdays. We'll see how well this schedule works out for me. Since I'm not paying anything extra for the yoga classes, it's beyond conceivable that I'll rationalize my way out of going on a fairly regular basis. But I'll try.
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