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I started the week off feeling very chipper and being very productive. Saturday we got haircuts, went to IKEA to get bookcases and then over to friends' house for hang-out time. Sunday we put two of the bookcases together & loaded them up, and though we didn't get to the major rearrangement of the living room I had planned, I still felt like we'd accomplished a lot.

Throughout the week I managed to do various things that needed doing...but somewhere along the line (Wednesday, maybe?) I got hit by the political depression thing again. That is to say that the political situations both worldwide and specifically here in the US make me depressed. Actually, no...make that DEPRESSED. I've learned that if I read too much news about it or think about it too much, I become paralyzed by despair. So mostly I avoid those things, but every now & then bits of it sneak in past my guard.

So the last half of the week was spent in comforting-myself time. Lots of long baths. Carby, sugary foods. Lots of in-bed snuggle time with the cats.

Today I'm going to break the cycle again. I got up early (as the Troll left for work, as opposed to the 11:00-2:00 range), have done most of my LJ reading, and will soon head out for the post office.Done! After that,I'm gonna walk down & sign the Troll & I up for some UCAL classesdid this by phone, despite my phobia! hurray!. After that, I'm hoping to send my resume off(done!) for a possible job (working mostly from home! Dude!), finish clearing off my sewing table, organizing my BPAL, and listing some more cds on eBay. Then a lovely, healthy dinner of some sort, early bedtime, and a weekend full of Doing Stuff with the Troll. Wish me luck!
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