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Angel survey-thingy

A Fun Angel: The Series Survey
Did you follow Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?Oh yes. And from it's inception, I liked Angel much better.
What did you think of Doyle?He was marvelous.
Was Wesley a good replace for Doyle?Hmm...I think Wesley was wonderful in his role. I don't think of him as a replacement Doyle.
Who do you ship from the show?Wesley/Angel, Wesley/Lilah, Wesley/Faith, Wesley/Illyria, Angel/Cordelia, Fred/Spike, Fred/Willow.
Who do you refuse to ship from the show?Refuse? Ffffptht!
Which season was your favorite? Why?If I must choose the entire season, then Season 4. Because of Dark!Wesley. But I really, really liked where season 5 was heading before they learned of the cancellation.
Which characters from Buffy did you want to see as regulars on Angel?Willow, Anya & Giles They were always my favorite Buffy characters, anyway.
Faith: Like her? Loathe her? Don't care about her?LOVE Faith.
What did you think of Fred and Gunn's relationship?Uninspired, uninspiring.
Did you want to see more of Darla?No.
Which season Wesley is your favorite?FOUR.
Which was better, Spin The Bottle or Smile Time?Smile Time, without question.
Did you cry when Cordy, Fred and Wesley died?No. Cordy had been gone so long already, Fred never really moved me (plus I liked Illyria MUCH better), and by the time Wesley's death came along, I was too in shock over the series ending to have much reaction. I *do* think that his dying so lamely was out of character.
Was Angel out of line by erasing his friend's memories when it came to Connor?Tough question. He didn't really have any good choices there.
Did you like street!Gunn or lawyer!Gunn better?Lawyer Gunn. a)yummy and b)more in tune with the rest of the gang. I would've like his transformation to be more gradual, though.
Are you one of those creeps who believe Fred and Lindsey were twins, seperated at birth?Um, no. And I never heard of that before this survey. How utterly bizarre.
Who was better, Angel or Spike?ANGEL. Duh.
Who do you think survived the alley?I really try not to think about it.
What happened to Justine? Is she still handcuffed by the docks?!Ah, Justine. No, Justine was found by vampires & slowly sucked dry over a period of many days.
Do you think Dru and Darla had sexual relations?Duh.
Who did Angel belong with, Buffy or Cordy?Ultimately, Cordelia. She was more of a grown-up.
Favorite overall episode?Um. It'd have to be a tossup between Waiting in the Wings and Shells.
Do you think Joss needs to create a new series based on characters from Angel and Buffy?I would love to see Ripper as a spinoff. And possibly something Illyria-oriented.
Do think Wesley deserved forgiveness for kidnapping Connor?Well, yes, in the final accounting. But I totally get why Angel was the way he was about it.
Were Lilah and Wesley in love?Absolutely. Twisted, painful love, but certainly love.
Did you write hate mail to the WB when they cancelled the series? And, did you send hate mail to Joss when he killed Fred off?I don't write hate mail. But I hate the WB with a burning, black hate for cancelling. Friggin' morons. I thought that Fred dying worked really well for the show. Made it better & stronger, however briefly.
Spike called Wesley Percy a lot. Do you think Spike read Harry Potter?HAH! That never occurred to me, but yes, he TOTALLY read HP.
Are you glad this is over and done with?Eh. Indifference.

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