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Got up late. Took a loooong bath, during which my doorbell rang a few times (and I ignored it, being in the bath & all). Eventually I got out, & got dressed...and lo & behold, the doorbell rang again, so I trudged down three floors to answer it.

Turns out it's this guy, and his kid. The guy is best friends with my downstairs (1st floor) neighbor, C - who hasn't shown up or called in to work in two days. NOT his style.

And he has (news to me) a heart condition.

I let the guy (and kid) into the lobby and we knock on C's door. No answer. I listen. Sounds like the TV is on. Guy asks if I can call the landlady to let him in. I call (actually, Troll calls). I sit in the lobby with best friend and kid, thinking morose thoughts. The conclusion here seems obvious (and, to dispell any tension, it was - you can stop here if you don't want to know any more). When the landlady gets here to open the door, she has contacted C's dad & stepmom, who are with her.

Stepmom is the rock in the storm. She works in a hospital (don't know in what capacity, but I suspect boss-nurse). She calls who needs to be called, she makes arrangements that need to be made. She keeps children from seeing the body (seriously. At least two kids were now around, and most of the adults too distraught to deal).

Troll arrives home from work a little after this. We bring down water and coffee for all (at this point the FD & Ambulance are here, too, as well as PD - and several of C's friends and relatives). The FD & ambulance leave, leaving the cops, landlady and a whole slew of relatives waiting for whoever comes to pick the body up (coroner's office?). They wait a looong time.

Troll and I retreat to upstairs, checking and refilling the coffeepot periodically. We retreat from the real death and angst in preference for the fake kind, Season 4 Buffy alternating with Season 1 Angel. Sleep eventually happens.

The family was here today, (I assume) cleaning out the apartment. I know that an autopsy is in the works; I wonder if word will drift back as to the cause? *I'd* go with heart attack, given his history and positioning when found (yes, I looked. It wasn't gross or gory or anything. Just sad.). Or at least some sort of thing that causes one to spasm a bit. I'd also guess that it happened and was over very quickly. The paramedics were guessing that he died either Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

My landlady is totally in a flutter about it. She owns two buildings; this one, and the one she lives in. Ours has three apartments, hers has just two. Last year at around this time, I think, her tenant-who-lived-in-the-building-she-lives-in died in his apartment and she found him. She's wigged in a major way.

I'm...sad. C was a great neighbor, always pleasant and polite (and quiet) and friendly. Clearly he had a lot of friends and family who cared a great deal for him. I hope that they find peace and comfort about his death soon.

ETA: I learned the autopsy report through the grapevine; C died, as I suspected, of a heart attack - which, interestingly was a symptom/complication of the heart *virus* that was the condition stated earlier.
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