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Block Buster, Al-araaf and a brief note about the Pumpkin Patch

Block Buster - Used to open up options in your life, overcome obstacles, and create opportunities. This blend increases your potential for success, inspires creativity and quick thinking, and helps you to be more flexible, adaptable and open to change - This is one of the Voodoo Blends, as you can probably guess by the lab's description of it. I got it as a frimp in my order of Hideous Throng that arrived this week. Dude, I LOVE it, and totally want a 10ml bottle. It's got a very light scent, the most prominent note is some sort of juicy, green fruit like ripe pear or honeydew. And possibly cherries. I also smell honey, and some sort of sweet herb used often in herbal tea. Cinnamon? Anise? Stevia? I can't really pin it down. It probably has some myrrh or amber or musk in it, but just the barest touch; enough that it lasts longer on my skin and fades to a kind of warm, powdery smell. It reminds me of spring, in a vibrant, light, yellowy-green sort of way. It's the kind of scent that has me continually holding it up to my nose, both because it's lovely and because there's something there I just can't quite pin down. If I figure it out, I'll let y'all know.

As for its mystical properties...well, who knows, yet? It's got me updating my journal, which I've not been really able to do for the past few weeks, and I'm off to the post office in a moment, which is normally a difficult thing for me but seems easy today. Of course, that could also be the weather, which is bright and sunny, but cool. The real test will come when I'm back home and trying to answer old comments & emails. Heh.

Al -araaf - Honeyed lilies, dry lotus root and fae flowers. - This is a very pleasant scent, it's got that same myrrh/amber/musk smell that I mention above, but without any fruit that I could detect. It didn't really have any other distinctive notes that I could detect. It didn't morph much, and didn't stand out (other than being very pleasant). I like it, but not a whole bottle worth, so I sold the bottle off to someone on one of the communities who was looking for some (and hence, am going out to the PO). I'd definitely buy it again, but only once I've tested lots of others, and only (probably) in imp quantity. Since it's an LE, that shouldn't be an issue. :)

Pumpkin Patch (set of 5)- 1: Pumpkin with apple cider and mulling spice. 2: Pumpkin with cocoa, hazelnut and walnut. 3:Pumpkin and pomegranate. 4: Pumpkin with sandalwood and orris. 5:Pumpkin with five woods, English ivy and galangal root Okay, so the one common thread in all of these is the pumpkin...but I expected raw pumpkin (which is why I didn't order it from the lab when it was available). It's not. It's roasted, BUTTERY pumpkin, warm and dripping. It's utterly amazing. Through various channels, I've now aquired close to a bottle's worth of imps (more in the case of #2, which is pumpkin, cocoa, hazelnut & walnut) of each. I have a hard time describing them individually, because the buttery, roasted pumpkin overwhelms both nose and brain, but will try, over the next few weeks (when I'm not wearing Block Buster, that is) to test them again and differentiate.

Now, off to the post office!
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