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The Day So Far...plus random thoughts

This morning (well, Thursday morning, I mean) I left work at 7:30, went home & crashed. Set my alarm for 5pm...then didn't actually hear it until 6:40. Called a cab to get to work on time. Sorry, no shower.

Here I am, very sleepy, at work. Due to the holiday, it's been exceedingly quiet here (I work for a consulting company in contract to a hospital computer help desk). Of the perhaps 5 calls I've received all night, two were from co-workers. A beautifully quiet, if a bit boring, night. I'm getting a lot of personal research & online holiday shopping done.

I've determined that not only is Joss Whedon a genius, he is in fact an evil, musical-mongering genius. Everyone that I know who has seen the musical Buffy episode has had the songs continuously in their heads since the airing. It's not just me, really. It's ...it's...a cultural phenomenon, really. Freakish.

Dinner tonight (actually, given my schedule this week, it was breakfast) was re-heated taco bell, a coke and almond crush pocky. Now, don't go "awwww" and start feeling sorry...I like taco bell, coke & pocky.

Caught sight of myself in a mirror just now...I fancy I look very artistic...sleep deprived, pale, hair all akimbo and a bit grungy. Happy for me the night shift is a fine & private place, especially on a holiday.
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