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My darling and I spent the bulk of the long weekend watching tv (though to our credit, we *did* get a little housework done). Our Battlestar Galactica Season 1 set arrived on Saturday, and as soon as we had the chance, dove into it. It sort of turned into a marathon. :) SUCH. GOOD. TV! I can hardly wait for Season 2 to come out - we discontinued our cable service before it started, and so we'll be seeing it fresh. I'm having a hard time waiting for the full season, since I know that the first half is already available, but I shall prevail.

Once we finished that, we went back to our before-the-holiday-delay plan of watching Firefly with commentary. Finished that up, too, and now I really want to go watch it all again from the beginning. Heh.

For winterfair, I got Season 3 of Angel (along with the BG), so now the only one I'm missing is Season 4 (which, as it happens, is probably my favorite). I've been holding off watching it, not sure why. Possibly will have a major marathon once I get the missing season. Ditto w/Buffy (for which I'm missing seasons 5 & 7).

Haven't felt so great for much of the week (the weather has been rainy, and I have been migrainy), but this afternoon started to feel almost normal again, so I unpacked most of my stuff from the Texas trip. Slowly, oh so slowly, the apartment is making its way back to a state of pre-trip-explosion clean/neatness.

Tomorrow, if the health trend continues, I'll be sorting and addressing a bunch of gifties that didn't make it out before I left here on the 9th. I might even make it to the post office by Friday (a truly stunning thought)!
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