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Laudanum, Sloth, Kostnice & Anne Bonny

Laudanum - Nutmeg, sassafras, black poppy and myrrh. Rootbeer! This stuff smells like old-fashioned rootbeer, or even hoarhound. Undoubtedly the sassafras making itself known. Around the very fringes, there is a slight smell of something subtle & southern smelling (probably the poppy, but my brain wants to identify it as wisteria or magnolia or something like that, despite the fact that I've never actually - to my knowledge - smelled either of them). It finishes out with a dry powdery scent - the myrrh. Good stuff, and a keeper, though probably not something I'll wear a lot of. Will retest in warmer weather, something tells me it may work better then.

Sloth - Thick, dark, sluggish and heavy with indolence: vetiver over black myrrh. This one makes me rethink my conclusions about the above scent, because it mostly reminds me of the above (the southern bit, especially). So I'm thinking that the similar bit is probably the myrrh. This one goes to a dry powdery smell fairly quickly also (myrrh again, I'm guessing). Pleasant enough, but not a keeper.

Kostnice - Frankincense, rosewood, lily, and geranium rose. - This was very intriguing in the bottle, and during the first about 5 minutes on me. It smelled like spruce woods. Alas, very quickly my skin turned it to an extreme floral - the Troll identifies it as public-restroom-deodorizer. Plus, it made me start sneezing violently, and I washed it OFF quickly! I'm seriously beginning to wonder if I'm allergic to roses.

Anne Bonny - A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense. This is what I have on now. It's got a very pleasant start with the woodsy scents (again with the spruce woods - aka frankincense, I suspect) and it's mellowing to a nice ambery spruce kind of smell. Makes me think of the deck of a pirate ship in the south seas. Keeper! I really like this one.

Thanks to rm for pointing me to the BPAL forum. I found lots of info there on turning the concentrated oils into other incarnations (esp. body sprays). I'm sure that once I order in some supplies, I shall be the mad scientist of bpal.

Must make a note to my descriptions of Dia de los Muertos & Hearth 2005: they're marvelous worn together. Also, on a 2nd or 3rd try of Hearth, I begin to smell the cedar smoke, which just makes me like it all the more.

I ordered imps of some of the Pumpkin Patch group, and of some others of the Yule LEs through one of the LJ bpal communities. Can't wait to get them. Really must make a bpal wishlist soon. :)
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