a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
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The Epic Travel Adventure (part 1)

Day 1 (Wednesday, 21 December) - Midland, TX to Shreveport, LA (approx 500 miles). This was my first day of driving in a long, long time. I left Dad's house in Midland before 9am - yay, me! Hopped on I-20 and stayed there. All. Day. Texas is very flat. There are lots of cotton fields, and the time of year I was traveling meant that I often saw what looked like dismembered miniature sheep on the road (globs of dropped cotton). Discovered very early on that either the cd player in the car is one of the earlier ones with little skip protection, or every CD my family sent along with me is terribly scratched. Will determine which as soon as I get around to unpacking. Found a decent radio station in Dallas (and turns out the same one is in Jackson, MI, too)Stayed at the Best Value Inn in Shreveport, which is a pit (the hotel and/or what I saw of the city, take your pick). Dictated my Secret Slasha story (the authors will be revealed the 31st - if you can't stand to wait to find out which one I wrote, you can rummage through raavensroost.org) to Troll over the phone - because no internet access - so that he could email it in for me. Only roaming cell phone access, for that matter. Didn't sleep well.

Day 2 (Thursday, 22 December)- Shreveport, LA to Bremen, GA (approx 550 miles). Day 2, I was much more relaxed from the a) several hours of practice the previous day and b) exhaustion. Once out of Shreveport, La was lovely. Hit rush hour traffic in Birmingham, which would have been a bad thing...except that the twisted noodle who designed/labeled Birmingham's interchanges made them so back & forthy and twisted that there's no way I would have ended up on the correct road at high speed. Got to Bremen (my designated stopping-place for the night) and couldn't find the Great Western Inn anywhere. None of the townspeople had heard of it. Information (411) had no information on it either. And Troll, who had made the reservation, was unreachable. After much driving around and asking people, I sat in a grocery store parking lot and cried in exhausted frustration, trying Troll's phone every few minutes. Finally reached him; he found the number, called the hotel, and directed me to it. Turned out that they've only recently bought the place, and haven't changed any of the signage yet. It was, essentially, next door to the parking lot I'd been sitting in for the last hour. ::fumes::

Fortunately, the place was lovely & peaceful. No net access here, either; I was too tired to care. I had a wonderful bath, dabbed on some Khephra to test and slept wonderfully. Woke up kinda late and very nearly stayed another night.

(to be continued)
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