a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

The Star, Khephra & Le Serpent qui Danse

The Star - Coconut!!! Sun-warmed coconut, even. Then after awhile, pina colada. Suntan oil. Delightful. I'll definitely come back to this one in the summer.

Khephra - On application, this one is cinnamon sticks and pepper. Yum!!! It mellows to a rich ambery-musk after an hour or so on my skin. I really like this scent on me. I'll be keeping this one, and using it a lot, I suspect. Makes me feel very sensual.

Le Serpent qui Danse - Violet entwined with vanilla and gardenia - When I smell this up close on my skin, it smells floral...but floral in a gender-neutral sort of way. At any distance from my nose, though...I get floral baby powder (in a good way). It's pleasant enough; it seems...I don't know. Something. More..sophisticated than I consider myself to be on a daily basis? It won't be something I use a lot, perhaps for a job interview or something formal like that.
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