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El Paso

After a gruelling day of travel yesterday, (our cab took over 40 minutes- normally, it takes 15-20 - to get us to the airport yesterday morning. The snow was crazy.When we got there, the plane was showing a 1 hour delay...no big deal, we had expected that. We had a two hour layover in Atlana before the flight to El Paso anyway, still plenty of time for connection. At around 9:30, we boarded the plane. Then we waited. And waited, and...you get the idea. Even though the sun was shining and the snow had completely cleared up by the time we got on the plane, it was still quite cold out, and the runways needed to be cleared and dried I never knew that they DRIED them first, how odd. and the plane to be de-iced. This all took, and I kid you not, THREE HOURS. Somewhere along the line I realized I'd left my phone at home. Troll's phone doesn't didn't have my family's numbers in it - Dad was in El Paso with an unlisted cell phone, Mom's number is unlisted, my little bro didn't answer at Dad's house (which at least was not unlisted). Very entertaining. Bah.

We finally left Philly, and arrived in Atlanta at around 2:30. Where we had, obviously, missed our original connection. Fortunately, there was another flight at 6:20 - to arrive in El Paso at 8pm - so we took some time to eat lunch, and charge laptops, and other miscellaneous waiting. We reached my little bro's GF and got the appropriate numbers, and let everyone know where we were. The plane we were to take was coming in from Kentucky, and it was late. The 6:20 departure was changed to a 6:50 departure. We boarded at probably around 7:15. When we finally landed in Texas, it was quarter to 10, which, after having crossed 2 time zones, meant that it was nearly midnight. Man, I hate air travel.the Troll & I arrived, finally, in El Paso. Dad was waiting to meet us, and we quickly signed into the hotel, went out to get some good mexican food, them promptly came back to the hotel and crashed. I was awakened by my sinuses, which are dreadfully unhappy from the air travel.

The hotel is quite a pleasant one - though at the moment, they get a black mark for not having kleenex in the room.*snuffles* We're waiting for my dad to go out for breakfast, then we'll hang out & wait till Little Bro & GF get here to go out to the cemetary (Fort Bliss only does the actual burials Mon-Fri, so Dad got here Wednesday & had it done. We're all going to go out & look at the plot, say a few words...whatever seems appropriate.)

I'm very, very sleepy.
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