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I wonder if a thin layer of grout over the fingernails will make them grow...

The bathtub project is in the final hours of phase I. This means that all of the mildewed grout & caulk that had been plaguing my bath-taking peace of mind has been removed, the areas cleaned, and assorted grout-holes refilled. What remains to be done is the final caulk-bead marathon, and more cleanup. I'm leaving that to gregortroll, while I search for my tax documents and contemplate dinner.

And what a pal gregortroll is! How many friends (or even lovers, for that matter) does one have who are willing to spend Saturday night and much of Sunday helping one refurbish one's bathtub? It wasn't even like it was nekkid caulking (which no doubt could be dangerous, if more titillating), just sweaty, dusty work. Having minions (and good friends) is a Good Thing (TM).

Brunch, when we finally got around to it at 3:30 today, consisted of a plate of freshly sliced giganto mutant strawberries, international coffees, and burritos made with whole wheat flour tortillas, scrambled eggs, mashed & seasoned kidney beans, cheese, salsa and seasoned ground beef. It was lovely & sybaritic, and good fortification for the bathtub job.

Dinner will be simple, I think. Braised pork chops and the stuffed potatoes I got at the deli yesterday, along with some green beans I have in the freezer. And maybe a bottle of wine.

That will be after I take a bath (no showers for 24 hours, the caulk & grout has to "cure"). I suspect that sweat & grout-dust would not make good additions to the meal.
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