a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Daily To-Do List

1- Update Adobe Acrobat on ratchet

2- Put away one load of clean laundry - okay, really, it means put away MY portion of the clean laundry in the bag, and stacking the Troll's for him to deal with.

3- Prepare next bag of dirty laundry

4- Wash one load of dishes

5- Take out garbage - this is a lot more complex than it sounds. It means collecting all the turkey carcass remains & putting them in, including the failed experiment that became burned-to-the-stockpot-then-water-added-to-loosen-the-burnt-bits turkey stock. Transferring the solid bits to the garbage, and the liquid bits down the toilet, then taking out the garbage bag & wiping down the can & area of the floor that got dribbled on. Finally, putting the sealed bag out on our landing (it'll actually get "taken out" the next time someone goes outside), and putting the new, fresh bag in.

6- Fill out unemployment claim - but first, I must find all of my paperwork, because it's got the electronic pin which I can't seem to remember on it.

ETA: Woohoo! I finished it all!
Tags: lists, tasks
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