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Feast Progressing Nicely

Despite a headachy start to the day, as of this writing we have all poultry appropriately prepared and ready to pop in the oven in the AM. Troll gets up at 4AM during the week, so the cats have the habit of waking us then regardless. So, he gets to go pop the first bit into the oven (our oven is small, and we elected to do both a small turkey and a large turkey breast). I'll probably wake around 8, just in time to swap one for the other (and possibly have turkey & stuffing for breakfast).

We're keeping the rest of the meal incredibly simple: steamed broccoli, mashed butternut squash, cranberry sauce (premade, from Trader Joe's), salad. Homemade wine. I *might* get all ambitious (does this ever happen?) and make some pumpkin custard, but as of now I'm planning on the Bananas Foster Haagen Dazs for dessert. With coffee. It sounds wonderful to me. :)

We've stocked up on rice-bread & mayonaisse, for the upcoming rash of turkey sandwiches that we both love so much. Yay!
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