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Lovely weekend!

Which sorta started early, since the fabulous kendrayk got to stop by for a little while on Thursday. He's one of my favorite people; his stopping by made me realize how much I've isolated myself these last couple of years. Which overall, I think, is a good thing; coming as a result of trusting people who then turn into nutjobs, it has helped me to be a bit more choosy in my friendships. Positive stuff.

Also on Thursday, I received my amazon order containing Firefly, Smallville season 1 and Angel season 2 dvds. YAY! The Troll and I have been seriously dosing on Firefly. The more I see it, the more brilliant and joyous I see it is. And the more angry I get at Fox for fucking with it. I wish there was a way for fandom to fund Joss productions straight to dvd. I'd buy pretty much anything he did sight unseen. He's a brilliant story writer, a brilliant songwriter, and he has the kind of genius in casting that puts me in mind of Miles Vorkosigan. ::sigh:: Can't wait for Serenity (which I saw twice in the theater) on dvd.

I also got Van Helsing Friday, so we watched that Saturday. Sunday, instead of doing errands like we'd planned, I had a migraine & Troll vacuumed instead. Also, instead of our traditional movie, we watched more Firefly. ::loves the Firefly::

Oooh, and I almost bought a car through eBay yesterday, except that the reserve wasn't met. Reserve auctions annoy me; I don't like the secrecy it implies. I figure, if you have a minimum you're willing to accept, just make the first bid that minimum! Anyway, when checking it today to see if I'd won, I somehow stumbled on the fact that even real estate is sold on eBay, which kind of boggles my mind, to be honest. I suppose it's not any different than cruising realtor.com and finding property that way...it just seems...odd. I imagine I'll get used to it; and given my mad bargain-hunting via eBay, may even use it!

Have decided that I'm going to try to vacuum daily this week, to try to catch up on the last of the summer cathair shedding. I'm also going to make a point of cleaning all the fans in the house of their accumulated cathair mats. Ugh.

Momcat has been having breakthrough after breakthrough. She started coming up on the bed with us for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and while on the bed often will ask for attention. It's amazing to see this from a cat who, not long ago would panic and run at the sight of either of us. I suspect that my being unemployed (and so, home all the time) is having something to do with it. Not only does she come up on the bed, she actually sleeps with us at night - and sometimes chews my toes through the blankets if I'm restless. Crazy.

I'm looking into grant-writing as a possible career move; got one book over the weekend and have learned a ton of stuff already. It actually sounds very doable, and like something I'd enjoy quite a bit.

Today I got up & walked with Troll down to the park, where he caught the trolley to work. It gives both of us a bit of needed exersize, gets Troll out of the house on time and gets me up earlier than I might otherwise be. Last week I managed it Monday and Friday; I'm hoping this week to manage it Mon-Wed-Fri. I'm also planning to walk down to the 40th street portal (9 blocks away) tomorrow, and catch a trolley from there to get to lunch with some ACE co-workers. Yay for exersize! I'm also planning on starting back on yoga & daily stretching. It's been too long. Summer is always terrible on my health, it's only when the weather is consistently below 70 degrees that I start feeling human and mobile again.

I've been enjoying the tv show Bones, which I found out is based on characters & books by real-life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs. So, on the theory that the written version is usually better than what tv can produce, I bought 4 of her books. I finished the first one Deja Death (which, though I didn't plan it, is the first one she wrote), and am not really impressed. It's interesting in terms of the , but the main character is, frankly, an idiot. Hopefully they get better with subsequent installments. I hope so. We'll see.

In other tv stuff, I have run across no less than THREE (Surface, Invasion and Threshold) new shows all featuring aquatic aliens and goverment coverups in re: same. All on major networks, at that. Being the paranoid freak that I am, I wonder if this means that we should all be watching the news & government actions to find hints of same. Heh.

A couple of weeks ago, I got all of our winter holiday plans together; we're going to Texas for the weekend of Dec 10-11; we'll meet up with Dad, Mom, Little Bro (and GF) and possibly some other relatives to inter my grandfather & generally get together (which, as a family, we do damn seldom - we live all scattered about). We'll spend the gift-opening ceremony day with the Troll's parents; I've already arranged our rental car.

Today, among other things, I'm going to vacuum and clean & waterproof my new (new to me; used, objectively) winter boots (which I picked up on eBay for $15 including shipping, HAH!). I may also repot & bring in the sweet potato vines that have continued to live on the front porch despite all odds.
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