a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

A lovely day!

I just got back from a beautiful stroll - over the weekend I had decided that I'd start walking with gregortroll on part of his walk to work. So today I actually got up, got dressed & went. Of course, once we got out there we discovered that the transportation strike has been tentatively settled, but we walked down to a local coffeeshop together anyway (and hopefully will continue to do so, at least a couple of times a week). After all, that's what I got up early for...no reason to change my plans just because SEPTA changed theirs! It was lovely & invigorating.

The weather is cool, but clear & sunny. Perfect fall weather. I hope it lasts for awhile; it really is my favorite time of year.

Since I'm still clearly in block-mode in terms of writing (aside from here), I've decided to turn my attention to grant-writing. Anyone out there have recommendations for sources and/or tips?
Tags: health/medical, neighborhood, weather, writing
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