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Despite a Friday migraine, this weekend turned out to be lovely. Friday we watched a bunch of TV (Smallville, Veronica Mars, Rosemary & Thyme) including a bizarro little cooking show that recorded with Rosemary & Thyme called Posh Nosh. Surreal, and very funny. I recommend it for amusement value. We're also both quite enjoying Rosemary & Thyme.

The migraine didn't allow me to sleep until quite late, so we got up late Saturday. Got some chores done, took a nap. Ate dinner, went over to a friends house to help bottle her homemade wine & Blueberry Mead. Yum! Other friends came over, and we ended the evening with second dinner & hanging out before strolling home (these particular friends live within what we call "stumbling distance" - a very good thing, since one of them makes wine. :)

Today we slept in, had breakfast, worked on our respective writing for a bit (in which I nearly doubled my previous wordcount. Which gives me a whopping 180 words. Ghargh). Then went out to pick up/drop off laundry & buy cat food & litter. Sadly, the pet shop near us is closed on Sundays & Mondays. ::sigh:: I'll really be glad when the SEPTA strike is over. It makes the ordinary logistics of living carless in the city much more complicated. Fortunately, I'm currently unemployed & the Troll's job is not too far away. Hopefully he'll be able to use this strike as a premise for working part-time from home, which he's wanted to do for ages now (and his idiot boss has not allowed).

The Troll is whipping up a lovely salad for dinner (for he *is* the Salad Master), and we're getting ready to watch our becoming-traditional Sunday evening movie - a tossup, today, between The Mummy Returns and Romeo Must Die.
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